Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's not over!

Well, technically, this blog IS over...My trip has concluded and I'm back into the groove of things here in the U.S. I definitely still miss Spain and especially the people I met there, but I've moved on to my life back here. I was only home for about a week before I had to move into my new house down at school with 4 of my best friends, including Paige who travelled with me all semester! I've also started my job as an intern at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Bradley, where I go to school, and I absolutely LOVE my job!
If you're still interested in following me and my wacky journeys and stories, I've created a new blog (not specific to travel or anything). Check out the new blog here:! I plan to post anything from recipes I try to craft projects for my new house and my sorority. Of course, if you have questions about anything or want to contact me, leave a comment below!

Thank you all for reading. Love you!